ASYX Partnership with WRI Indonesia Continues

ASYX to Continue the Development of Peatland Commodities Hub for Independent Peatland Monitoring.

After completing a successful project period from October 2020 to May 2021, ASYX Indonesia (ASYX) is delighted to have been appointed again by World Resources Institute Indonesia (WRI Indonesia) to continue the development of Peatland Commodities Hub for Independent Peatland Monitoring in 2021.

Since the commencement of this partnership, ASYX has focused its efforts to support WRI Indonesia by developing a series of Process Flows and facilitating wider stakeholder partnerships for Peatland Commodities Hub. By developing the process flow, stakeholders will be able to view with ease the submission, receiving, verifying, visualizing, and monitoring peatland sustainable businesses on one platform.

ASYX will continue to provide content-related and visualization advice to the platform development team to support further development of proof of concept for the Peatland Commodities Hub features. This hub will provide information to facilitate collaborators and investors who are interested in increasing support for rural livelihoods. The proof of concept will provide a full-fledged functionality of the platform, involving selected investment partners for pilot purposes.

In the last quarter of 2021 ASYX also will assist in rolling out a discussion forum with potential key stakeholders, ranging from the government, private sectors, and NGOs, as well as developing and running an investor roundtable to initiate collaboration with investors, as well as conducting media training on peatland sustainable commodities for content partners.

ASYX believes this is an opportunity to continue the work that WRI Indonesia and Pantau Gambut have already initiated to further the development of a commodities hub which can take into account the roles of a wider stakeholder, such as investment landscapes and SME development ecosystems.

This hub will facilitate SME development and investment matching efforts to achieve a vision and objective of assisting SMEs to move up in the value chain, while tracing the movement of goods and services in the trade process, thereby safeguarding environmental sustainability and securing adequate financing for growth. This complexity becomes more demanding as SMEs require a lot of technical assistance where conservation interests need to be embedded in all of this hub's activities.

With such challenges, ASYX deploys a team of experts to provide strategic and technical advice for: rural issues, commodities value chain, technology and traceability monitoring, community and stakeholder engagement, circular economic development, industry scaling up know-how, and liaise with investment veterans who are familiar with sustainable impact and community development subjects.

ASYX- WRI Pantau Gambut Previous Project

ASYX collaborated with the WRI Indonesia's initiative to focus on peatland sustainability through WRI's Pantau Gambut Portal. ASYX's contribution was done by supporting WRI Indonesia in mapping-out and assessing the peatland commodities in specific districts of South Sumatera, Papua and West Papua.

By doing so, ASYX was able to assist the identify and provide insights by identifying value chains of suitable commodities for peatland, potential partners, and as well as giving digital innovation advisory services for the feature development platform needed in order to find opportunities to improve and increase local economic growth while maintaining the peatland environmental areas.