As a Buyer / Distributor you often depend on fragmented digital (and paper) communication with your suppliers. EDI, email, faxes and regular mail do all carry a piece of the Order-to-Payment process.

Different formats, dispute handling via telephone, incorrect data, etc. are typically the reasons for long settlement processes with associate high Supply Chain process costs.

The ASYX Order-to-Payment solution will help your company to streamline the Order-to-Payment processes in a better and more cost-efficient way. The use of 1 online platform, handling all facets of the Supply Chain (purchase orders, despatch advices, receiving advices, pro forma invoices, price & quantity settlement) will fasten the payment process and provides more transparency of the overall Supply Chain process.

“Reduced Account Payables Costs“
Improved Efficiency of the OtP process (no manual data entry)  
Faster dispute handling  
One standard for all PO’s and Invoices  
Reduced Account Payables Costs  
Improved Perfect-order fulfilment  
Improved management Master Data  

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