The recent financial crisis brought the end to cheap credit and diminished trust among trading partners. There is a ongoing focus for working capital improvement among buyers. Buyers are becoming more creative in looking for financing alternatives since there is less access and reliance on capital markets for finance. The ASYX Supply Chain Finance solutions aim to improve the financial efficiency throughout the entire supply chain, resulting in working capital improvement for both buyer and suppliers. The ASYX PO/ RA financing solution, the ASYX Factoring solution as well as the ASYX Early payment solution offer the buyer multiple benefits.

“Reduced Risk in the Supply Chain“
Improve relationship with Suppliers  
Improve Commercial Terms    
Reduce Account Payables Costs      
Reduce risk in the Supply Chain  
Automated, paperless solution
Offer early payment for goods and services inexchange for substansial discounts      
Achieve savings on annual spend      

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