Financial institutions tell us that they would like to focus on those things that they are very good at, which is providing funding to SME's and Corporates. However, they struggle to come up with a crisp and clear SCF proposition that reflects the needs of their clients. We help financial institutions creating a strategy around Supply Chain Finance in their market(s). We helped them building a business case and with the practical roll out in their market. The knowledge and experience of both the financial institution and ASYX make sure a winning proposition is created. Market entry support services ASYX assist financial institutions to make a clear business case on how to roll out Supply Chain Finance services in their market. ASYX has developed a proven methodology that helps financial institution answer questions like:
  • What is the SCF revenue potential in my market?
  • In which SCF segments should we compete?
  • What type of companies should we target?
  • How can our organization distinguish itself from the competition when it comes to SCF?

The set-up of this case study is done in such a way that it creates maximum flexibility for Financial Institutions in terms of depth of the research, required resources and total cost involved.

Sales support services

ASYX offers sales support services to financial institutions. Our sales support services will help financial institutions with:

  • Training of their account managers team on the dynamics of the rapidly changing world of Supply Chain Finance
  • Create a prospect list of companies that fit the SCF proposition
  • Accompany the account manager on prospect visits
  • Assist account managers in the proposal phase