When you manually maintain your supplier master data across multiple applications – with little governance – your company is exposed to data inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Inaccurate supplier master data will hinder your company to perform key activities such as supplier analysis and spend analysis.

What do we see with our cleints: Buyer and supplier manage their master data separately. This is a constant source for disputes between buyer and supplier since it is very difficult to make sure that both parties are looking at the same data. Invoices are rejected and resolving the dispute will cost a lot of money from both the buyer and supplier.

The ASYX supplier master data solution makes sure that your business critical master data is managed in a good shape and makes it stay that way. The buyer will maintain its data in its ERP system while the supplier uploads the changes of the master data on the ASYX platform. The buyer will always be the gatekeeper of the master data by approving / disapproving the suggested changes.

The ASYX master data solution will make sure that both buyer and supplier will reduce their data disputes drastically and save cost. Our solution:

  • Makes sure that your company always uses validated Supplier Master data
  • Facilitates master data changes with approval workflows
  • Reduces cost by streamlining maintenance processes.
  • Maintains a verifiable audit trail of when, why, and by whom master data is changed, increasing visibility and accountability.