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BNI chooses the ASYX Platform for its long-term Supply Chain Finance strategy

PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. has selected the ASYX Supply Chain Finance platform to support in its long-term supply chain strategy. Among others the long-lasting relationship between BNI and ASYX, a nearly 100% match with requirements as well as ASYX’s proven track record in the financing industry, was the determining factor to choose for ASYX. By using the ASYX Supply Chain Finance solutions, BNI has the benefit of proven technology and a complete Supply Chain Finance solution offering to their corporate client base.

The ASYX Platform revamps its online help and support platform

The ASYX platform now supports online support content and context sensitive help. This new feature will further enhance the user experience by providing help resources directly where they are needed and relevant to the task at hand. Adding instruction videos or for example slideshows is supported as well and the content creation process follows an approval workflow so that only content is released that complies with QA standards.



About ASYX

ASYX is a Supply Chain Finance & Collaboration services company connecting Buyers, Sellers, Suppliers, Distributors and Financial institutions through a secure web-based technology that enables Early Payment to Suppliers, Late Payment to Distributors of corporate Buyers and Factoring to large corporates.