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The ASYX Platform now integrates with Indonesian tax authority

As of today, our platform is fully integrated with the Indonesian tax authority (Pajak E-Faktur). By deploying the ASYX Order-to-payment solution, retailers are ensured that the data that is provided by the supplier matches with the data submitted to the tax authorities. This prevents mistakes and expensive corrections afterwards

For more information on this feature, contact your account manager.

ASYX partners with FACTS to support its invoice financing operation

Today we are launching our platform for FACTS, a financing company with operations in Kenya and Uganda. FACTS specializes in Invoice Financing and provides entrepreneurs with the working capital they need to grow their business. By using the cloud-based ASYX platform, FACTS can streamline their back-office operations and ensure they can scale as and when needed.

For more details on FACTS, refer to their website at:



About ASYX

ASYX is a Supply Chain Finance & Collaboration services company connecting Buyers, Sellers, Suppliers, Distributors and Financial institutions through a secure web-based technology that enables Early Payment to Suppliers, Late Payment to Distributors of corporate Buyers and Factoring to large corporates.