The ASYX Supply Chain Finance Platform is the basic layer of ASYX’s software solutions. ASYX products and modules that are part of the solution are installed on top of this Platform. The platform contains generic components, such as the user interface , data exchange, workflow engine and system administration components to be used by the specific products. In this manner, the Platform provides a single platform for multiple products. Some of the advantages of this architecture are:
  • Consistent user interface, improving ease of use and reducing learning time
  • Single user management and system administration for multiple products

The platform include the following ASYX Supply Chain Finance modules:

The consistent user interface of all references follows a common process workflow, including the next 4 main steps:
  1. Invoices Overview of all Invoices, updated on a regular base.
  2. Request Option to request for financial proposal, selecting one or multiple Invoices
  3. Proposals Built-in Proposal engine to generate draft proposal based on Financial Institution’s terms and conditions
  4. Payments Payment Instructions based on outstanding Invoices and Proposals