Pantau Gambut collaborates with ASYX Indonesia for Peatland Commodities Business Hub

Location: Indonesia

Pantau Gambut collaborates with ASYX Indonesia for Peatland Commodities Business Hub November 16, 2021 marks another important date between Pantau Gambut (PG) and ASYX Indonesia (ASYX) as it signifies a continued partnership between to two entities to monitor the peatlands in Indonesia with a significant new added feature.

According to the Indonesian Center for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development (ICALRD) data (2019), Indonesia's peatland area covers 13.43 million hectares making it the fourth largest in the world and is the largest tropical peatland in the world.

PG's main monitoring platform monitors and assesses information on the progress of the Government of Indonesia's commitment to realizing peat ecosystem restoration as well as educates and raise awareness in the importance of maintaining peat ecosystems for environmental protection, reducing emissions, and increasing people's welfare.

The collaboration with ASYX will add a new feature in which the monitoring platform will enable the site to showcase the potential of sustainable peatland commodities and build business opportunities. This new feature is called Peatland Commodities Business Hub and acts as an intermediary medium that will link the potential of commodities in peatlands with public and private investors. It will enable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) within the Peatland area to seek business matching that will lead to investments and financing through the ease of a click. SMEs interested in developing and expanding their businesses will be asked to provide information on their business, commodities etc.

Here the potential of commodities is built with consideration of sustainable peatland maintenance by peat communities as stakeholders. Peatland Commodities Business Hub will contain information potential of peat commodities which can then be used by potential investors to explore investment cooperation. A team of experts from both PG and ASYX will assess and then propose some investors for the SME to choose from.

In addition to being a commodity potential information center, the Peatland Commodities Business Hub will also develop a value chain framework to build a commodity business ecosystem to ensure a healthy peat. The potential for commodity-based economic activities on peatlands will develop more rapidly if it is in a supportive business ecosystem. This newly feature Business Hub will fill gaps in the availability of accurate and up-to-date data, and encourage use of technology to bridge communication and marketing, as well as investment.

ASYX CEO and Project Director for ASYX's Peatland Business Hub, Lishia Erza expressed optimism that this new feature will provide better business ecosystem for commodities on peatland, "This feature is developed to optimize commodity information into useful information for investors. It will present the right supply chain scheme for commodities for peat, so that products can be well distributed and purchased at the right price point. Our hopes are that by providing this new feature in the monitoring platform, the communities involved will not only build their economy enthusiastically but also wholeheartedly protect the surrounding peatlands."

As a company that provides services funding advice and supply chain collaboration that connects buyers, sellers, suppliers, distributors and financial institutions, through secure web-based technologies, ASYX is optimistic that the Peatland Commodities Business Hub feature will continue to be developed through active discussions with various stakeholders to gain understanding and methods that better response to business and market needs.

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