What is it?

The ASYX Early Payment Platform enables Buyers and Suppliers to resolve their opposing interests: late payment versus early collection. Through the ASYX Early Payment Platform, Buyers will upload their approved invoices (their payables) for payment at a future date. Their Suppliers can view their receivables, and may choose to trade the receivables they choose for early payment, less a low financing fee based on the Buyer's credit rating. The early payment is being guaranteed by world leading financial institutions

  • Financial Institution offers a discount to the supplier for the Buyer invoices, based on the Buyer’s stronger credit rating
  • The program operates in respect of qualified invoices by the Buyer
  • It is not mandatory for Suppliers to be customers of Financial Institution or open any accounts

The Supplier finance offering is structured as “Early Payment”

  • Supplier gets short term funding; without recourse, at attractive rates, without using your own credit lines, and without paying high discount costs to factoring companies
  • Off-balance sheet funding solution
  • Financial Institution takes payment risk on the Buyer


The Early Payment Platform generates benefits across the Supply Chain. A small effort on the part of the Buyer (sharing the information of internal invoice approval) generates benefits for Buyer and Suppliers. ASYX Early Payment Platform provides Suppliers with payment visibility and certainty regarding their approved receivables. Importantly, the ASYX EP Platform also delivers 'on-demand' access to cash from those receivables, in advance of payment.