Dra. Azizah Azis, M.SI

Role: Advisor

Dra. Azizah Azis, M.SI

Over 30 years of experience in community and grassroot economic development in Indonesia; particularly for women and marginalized communities. Political participation, good governance, healthcare, decentralized economic developments are her areas of expertise.

Azizah is actively involved in moderate Islam movements such as KNPI, Fatayat NU dan Muslimat NU. Throughout her career she ahs held various project leadership positions with UNICEF, GAVI, UNDP Partnership for Governance Reform, and Ministry for Village and Rural Development.

She was also lead expert in Productive Local Economic Development project. Her work has taken her across NTB, Maluku, West Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, and many more.

  • Expert Counsel