Aji Fauzan

Role: DevOps Engineering

Aji Fauzan

Aji Fauzan #LifeatASYX

Aji Fauzan chose to work at ASYX to enhance his skills in IT. For the past two years and six months, he has focused his career development by starting as a Network Engineer & Sysadmin into DevOps Engineer. Since then Aji has handled Monitor Infrastructure, managing troubleshoot problems, Deployment and Patch the Application, Monitor the security, and supports other teams because the DevOps & infrastructure team are interconnected with each other. Hence, he also works with research and development to improve infrastructure technology.

When asked what Aji Fauzan views DevOps to be and why it is important for Indonesia, he answered candidly that DevOps is the ability to sharpen the mindset while integrating the cultural aspects as well. This involves the collaboration of developers (Programmer, QA, Tester) and operational engineers (Infra, support, others) to deliver and operate systems at scale. The DevOps role on the team helps accelerate the project development process through efficiency. This mindset is needed if the company/software development in Indonesia wants to reach scalability, reliability, and availability on their system and or products.

IT Infrastructure, specifically, Cloud Infrastructure is growing at exponential speed. Cloud infrastructure is also more scalable to handle peaks and valleys in development cycles.

Of course there remain challenges in infrastructure, making it more important to pay attention to the process of migrating infrastructure technology from VM technology to container technology. Container Technology is simple but more complicated than VM Technology.

Aji believes that in order to enhance the skills in this field, we have to be able to listen, as well as, be open to learning new things, reading more books, and taking up more challenges as opportunities, such as joining internships for fresh graduates or joining any Bootcamp related to IT Infrastructure or DevOps to obtain more IT related certification.