ASYX starts partnership with KYCnet

ASYX and KYCnet have started a partnership that helps banks with the on-boarding process of new suppliers and distributors that are new clients of the bank. One of the hurdles the bank has to take, when rolling out a Supply Chain Finance program, is the KYC process for new customers. By offering this new KYC service, ASYX and KYCnet help the bank to run this proces in a seemless manner.

The ASYX platform is integrated with the KYCnet platform, which allows us to offer complete KYC analysis services to serve the business needs of many Anti Money Laundering regulated financial institutions. KYCnet is the world's first KYC-as-a-service provider. KYCnet employees perform your checks; KYCnet processes ensure consistency; KYCnet technology enables easy access, transparency and audibility. Together, we can better manage your regulatory and reputation risk, significantly reduce your compliance costs and allow your business to focus more time and effort on revenue generating activities.