About us

ASYX is a supply chain integration firm based in Indonesia and Singapore, specializing in agroindustry and forestry value chains.

We work with organizations across the industry - producers, marketers, distributors, retailers, and service companies in Indonesia, Kenya, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We assist our clients to navigate and integrate supply chain processes. Our team helps shape technology use and business practices, so that any business owner, management team, and external parties can work together with higher efficiency and transparency.


From the company's inception in a tiny office in Jakarta, the founders' top priority was a commitment to their clients and to service excellence - a promise the company continues to keep today. In 2006, Frank Rabitsch was named Managing Director. A technology leader, Frank led ASYX into a robust supply chain collaboration platform company, managing some of the most complex and voluminous retail procurement processes.

After a 10-year run, in 2016 ApexPeak and Hatcher came in as stakeholder partners in ASYX. Kommunity Ventures became the majority stakeholder in 2018, bringing new technologies and appointed Lishia Erza as CEO to strengthen industry focus and business expansion.

In 2020, ASYX established its corporate headquarters, ASYX Holdings, in Singapore, to develop deeper infrastructure to support customers across international markets.

Today, with 4500+ organizations on the platform, 20 million+ Purchase Orders processed, and over USD1.5 Billion deployed by our bank clients through the platform, ASYX continues to be a trusted technology and expert counsel provider.