ASYX Technology

milestones.png Our platform is currently in its 4th major release complying with the latest standards and technologies. It uses an open API based architecture implemented in microservices which has the following benefits:

  • Interoperability and Integration: Open APIs are the backbone of microservices architecture, facilitating seamless integration with external systems, applications, and third-party services. This interoperability enables us to leverage the capabilities of other systems and extend the functionality of their own applications, leading to enhanced connectivity and collaboration across the ecosystem.

  • Rapid Development and Deployment: Microservices architecture enables faster development and deployment cycles. Each microservice can be developed, tested, and deployed independently, allowing for parallel development and shorter release cycles. This agility helps us respond quickly to market demands and deliver new features and updates more rapidly.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: An open API-based microservices stack allows us to scale our systems more effectively. Microservices, which are independent and loosely coupled components, can be deployed and scaled individually, allowing for flexible resource allocation and efficient utilization of infrastructure.

Our platform is designed in a cloud-agnostic way, meaning that we are not tightly coupled to a certain cloud provider. We can seamlessly deploy in major cloud providers or in on-premise data centers if compliance requires. This enables us to make the most of cloud computing while maintaining flexibility and control where required.

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