Lishia CEO's End of Year Message 2020

Dear ASYX Family and Friends,

Many say 2020 will be remembered as a year unlike any other, while others prefer to forget all about 2020 and move on to brighter times ahead. I prefer to keep the memories and lessons learned in 2020 as they were paths to becoming a wiser and better leader. Your fervent support and camaraderie especially, are etched in ASYX's 2020 journey.

We shared the anxiety towards COVID19 no matter where we were. Thankfully we now have a sense of relief with vaccines on the horizon and better health protocols dotting our landscapes. Whether in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Kenya, Amsterdam, or the various Indonesian cities we operate in, we all wished each other well and supported each other in times of need. I would like to remember this, and I would like to thank you for a solid team effort getting past through the year. Compared to many other businesses, we have managed to survive and thrive in challenging times.

Delivering GOOD and BENEFICIAL innovations

In Indonesia, where most of ASYX operations and clients are located, the nation experienced pressures from intensified political divisions, controversies from new pieces of regulation, widening economic inequality and to top it off, the country is also struggling to mitigate climate crises. As a tech-based supply chain management company that strives to deliver what is good and beneficial, we have moved strongly in our efforts to contribute to society through our business and core capabilities. We have continued to lead the sustainability aspect of supply chain financial management through our collaborations in various cities and districts, keeping true to our core values and vision to be the leading tech-led sustainable supply chain finance company in the region.

Despite the challenges in 2020, we have achieved many things together. We have innovated our platform capabilities with more strategic analytics features, more robust security protocols, and more innovative processes to make client services more efficient. Enabling clients' business growth is our priority. Our next-gen Financial Supply Chain Management capabilities are further enriched with modular and comprehensive transaction models, enabling us to respond to needs from a wide array of Financial Services industry demands, quicker and more effectively. We have also worked towards more personalised supply chain financing options and business solutions for growth stage SMEs in need of better Cash Conversion Cycles and capacity increase. Our Specialised & Sustainable Finance team together with our Technology team ensure that we continue to innovate not just technologically but also in our financial innovation services, deploying and managing funds that create impact in food-related supply chains. Our Impact services teams have worked in challenging rural environments to support the development of more sustainable supply chains, ranging from peatlands commodities, sustainable agriculture processing and circular economy in fashion industries. We have more to do in 2021.

I am excited to see the astronomic leap we have made in a relatively short span of time, transforming our business and ourselves. This would not have been possible if not for the passion and dedication from all team members to deliver on our promise to be good and beneficial. I am proud of the team and I am tremendously grateful for the support we have received from our partners and stakeholders. The transformation is far from over, but alongside you all I am confident that we can create a bigger and better impact.

Sustainability: Shared Values and Inclusive Business

In the last quarter of 2020, we have also solidified our commitment to better supply chain finance research, teaching, and human capital development in our markets. Our SQUAD initiative has now opened doors to anyone who are interested in learning more about Supply Chain Finance through executive education programs. Our staff members also enjoy the opportunity for continuing education with our university partners, enriching their skills while building their careers with us. We believe that diversity and inclusion contribute to a more creative and productive workplace, this is reflected in our hiring, retention and development practices. We have even opened our doors to employees with disabilities pursuing a career in technology and finance through our partnership with ThisAble and the international NGO, Humanity & Inclusion.

While internationally there have been concerns about glass ceilings for women in technology or women in the workplace in general, I wanted to make sure that ASYX is a company that supports youth and women in balancing professional development and family goals. A fully soundproofed and built-for-purpose baby-care facility at ASYX office has just finished its renovation work this month as we will be welcoming several ASYX babies in the early months of 2021.

2021: New Frontiers

"A new normal" is perhaps what 2021 will be about in general. Not just on the COVID19 front but in the way trade, finance and technologies interact with each other. Economic, social and environmental justice require strong institutional trust. Trading partners use technology to preserve trust, clients trust vendors that deliver on promises, financial institutions trust customers who have competence to make complex financial decisions, platform users trust that the developers and engineering team will have built robust tools. I trust that we can make this happen.

ASYX work in 2021 will be focused on promoting levels of trust between trade and finance partners across supply chains, innovating continuously so that systematic errors in financial judgments can be reduced. By using our knowledge effectively across cloud technologies, supply chain finance and circularity in our economies, we aim to promote better supply chain practices.

To all ASYX employees and contractors, your contributions matter to this company. Your hard work will surely take the company to the highest level of success.

To ASYX partners and stakeholders, your support inspires us and we value the collaborative spirit to make supply chains more effective and efficient.

To ASYX families and friends, I look forward to meeting you in 2021.

Happy New Year, and here's to an exciting year ahead!

Best wishes,

Lishia Erza Chief Executive Officer